Your Pastoral Search Committee wants to hear from you! Tell us your thoughts as we prepare for FirstCoast MCC's future! Everyone, member or not, is invited to take the Anonymous Pastoral Search Congregational Survey.

June 11th-18th - Sign up for survey. (Select hard copy or online via Survey Monkey.)

June 18th - Surveys released (hard copy in church/online link emailed)

July 2nd - Survey due

If you are out of town please email with your email address so you can receive the Survey Monkey link.


FirstCoast MCC Pastoral Search Committee Update to the congregation

on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Since officially formed on May 22nd, we have had two planning/working meetings and have four more scheduled in the upcoming weeks.  Each member is responsible for one of the key components of the Pastoral Search Process; Budget, Communication, Congregational Study, Application, Interview Plan and ‘Who Are We?’.  It’s a collaborative effort but this allows each member to concentrate on a specific area as each area has many tasks to be addressed and completed to ensure success.

As part of the Congregational Study we will be doing a Survey in the upcoming weeks via both paper and digital to get input from you on our new Pastor.  To ensure we keep you informed we have put a new Pastoral Search Process board in the church entry way that we will be posting progress reports of what’s happening, what we’re working on, etc.  We will also be putting updates on our updated website. 

We will be ready to accept applications as of July 10th.  Our next update will include a timeline showing our target dates for the entire Pastoral Search Process for FirstCoast MCC. 

We have created an email ( to make communicating to the Pastoral Search Committee members easy and convenient.

We appreciate your continued prayers as we steadily move forward towards our goal of welcoming our next Pastor.

Mari Gilman
FCMCC Pastoral Search Committee, Chair