What’s Next?
FirstCoast Pastoral Search Committee Update to the Congregation
October 15, 2017

For those who weren’t here last Sunday and perhaps don’t know (although I’m not sure there’s many who don’t), we announced a candidate for our Senior Pastor position. That person is Rev. Brendan Boone.

I have a couple of reminders for everyone. First, there are informational packets available on Rev. Brendan. Just ask any Committee member and she’ll be able to provide you with one. Second, Rev. Brendan has offered to spend 30 minutes of 1 on 1 time with anyone who would like to talk with him before the vote. There are still opportunities to sign up for that 1 on 1 time and if you have any doubts we would encourage you to take this opportunity to find out more from him. Please send an email to fcmccpsc@gmail.com to request a time. Kathy will be coordinating the times.

Remember to save the date. On October 22nd we will conclude our Candidate Weekend with a special congregational meeting to vote on our candidate.

The Candidate Weekend is October 20th – 22nd.This is when Rev. Brendan and Sandra will spend time with us. If you can’t come at our “start” times, feel free to come and join in whenever you can make it.

The Candidate Weekend Schedule is as follows:

Friday night Oct. 20th:

Rev. Brendan and Sandra will meet with the leaders of the church.

Saturday Oct. 21st:

Rev. Brendan and Sandra will meet with the congregation from 3:00 - 7:00 pm.

All are welcome. Bring a finger food to share.

Saturday night Oct. 21st:

Rev. Brendan and Sandra will meet with the Board.

Sunday Oct. 22nd:

Rev. Brendan will preach, then hold a Q&A session.

After there will be a special congregational meeting to vote.

(Rev. Brendan and Sandra will not be present for the vote).

Questions? Please see Sandy, Jessica, Mari, Lydia, Gisselle, Connie or Kathy

Mari Gilman

FirstCoast MCC Pastoral Search Committee Chair