FirstCoast MCC Pastoral Search Committee Update to the congregation

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

We know it’s hard to wait. Right now we’re in a waiting period while we are accepting applications. What you need to know is that we’re not just waiting. Work is still being done behind the scenes. One of those things being done is planning our Candidate Weekend.

As you learned in our last update, our timeline talks about how, when we find the person for FirstCoast MCC, we’ll bring him/her here to spend a weekend with us. That will possibly be around the end of October. How exciting is that?? We’re looking at only 3 months from now.

What we need from you is your ideas on what you’d like to see happen on that weekend. We know that he/she would preach on Sunday and maybe do a Q&A after church, but what else would you like? We’d also like to have you help with the details and preparation for the weekend.

We want this weekend to be very special for everyone, so if you’ve got ideas or would like to help with the weekend, please see either Connie or Kathy.  They’re your Pastoral Search Committee people in charge of the weekend.

We’re still claiming our timeline knowing that God has already called our next pastor and they are just waiting for the invitation from FC MCC.

As always, we’re so grateful for your continued prayers! Keep up the good work!
Mari Gilman
FC MCC Pastoral Search Committee, Chair