FirstCoast MCC Sale of the Property

12/17/19 Signed the Sales Listing Agreement with Jack Garnett, Garnett Commercial Real Estate Inc.
12/30/19 For Sale Sign placed on the property
1/1/2020 Property listed
1/16/20 Shown to first interested party
2/6/20 Shown to second interested party
2/13/20 Repeat showing to above interested party 
2/15/20 Interested Buyer stops by to see the property
2/22/20 Received 1st contract from potential buyer and begin working with our Broker on specific terms and conditions.
2/28/20 Signed a Contract to Sell the Property and Entered into the 30-Day Due Diligence period
3/30/20 Due Diligence Period ends with no concerns or issues
4/30/20 Successful Closing as Scheduled. Final update!

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