Worship at FirstCoast MCC
Sundays at 10:30 am

Elizabeth Jensen-Forbell’s Last Day as FirstCoast MCC’s Administrator is August 9, 2020

Elizabeth Jensen Forbell holding up the treeAs of March 22nd, due to the Pandemic, we have been holding Sunday worship exclusively virtual for 18 weeks. As a result of that and tough times many are facing, our ‘live’ attendance as well as our offerings have steadily declined reflecting a YTD weekly average of $1,350 as of June 30th. We have been fortunate with God’s timing of the sale of the property and signing the contract with Temple Bet Yam that we are able to financially sustain FirstCoast MCC during this time.

The Board of Directors, striving to be good stewards of the church, have to make tough decisions for the best overall interest of the church based on facts but also having faith that God is leading us as we make those decisions. We must constantly be aware of our donations and expenses as we move forward during these uncharted times and make appropriate decisions along the way.

By going virtual since March 22nd and selling the property as of April 30th, the tasks and responsibilities of the Administrator’s position has drastically reduced for FirstCoast MCC. As a result of the decreases in both those tasks and donations, the decision was made to release our paid Administrator and shift those few tasks to volunteers as of August 9, 2020.

As most of you know, Elizabeth has been with FirstCoast MCC since its inception! Elizabeth’s service and dedication to our church for over 23 years, and the only Administrator to date, has helped lay the foundation of who we are, where we are and what we’ve done. Her ‘behind the scenes’ support and service has also had a powerful impact on our history that so many will never know!

We thank Elizabeth, for ALL her support as both an employee to this church and for all those many years and hours of service she has given out of pure love! Her contributions have shaped part of our legacy!

We will be recognizing and officially saying good-bye to Elizabeth as our Administrator virtually during our Sunday Worship on August 9th. Please join us in making that a special day!

Please note, Elizabeth will continue to lead the Prayer Ministry – this change has no impact on her support of that ministry.

Effective August 1st, please send any/all emails that you would send to Elizabeth pertinent to FirstCoast MCC business to [email protected] That email will be monitored daily to ensure there is no disruption of support for our faith family.

Faithfully in Christ,

Mari Gilman, Vice Moderator/Treasurer
On behalf of the FirstCoast MCC BOD